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Making huge brands look good, since 1987
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Worldwide Emergence

Manohar Filaments has grown into a formidable service provider for companies all across the globe. That's because we stand true to our values and commitments.

Vertically Integrated

Manohar Filaments is one of the only few companies in India that can boast of a vertically integrated solution infrastructure.

On Time Deliveries

Our vertically integrated setup allows us to fulfill orders on blazing fast timelines without any delay.

Inherent Flexibility

With all the resources In-House to get the job done, we can be very flexible with our client's requirements.

Competitive Pricing

We save huge investments for our clients by optimizing all our processes to work seamlessly 24 hours a day.

Leading Technology

With a fully implemented ERP, we are ready to meet any challenges that come our way.

Evolving by Learning

Every project, every client is a learning opportunity for us and we make sure we grow in every sense every day!

With ever increasing Manufacturing Capabilities, we are always exploring ways to bring a smile to our clients.

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