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Making huge brands look good, since 1987
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Team & Leadership

Mr Bhupinder Jain – Chief Director

Manohar Filaments has been my life-long dream come true. What started off as a business to simply take care of my immediate family during the political disturbance in Punjab in the 1980's, has now transformed into a business that supports many families. I have been truly blessed starting with a small label printing press where my wife and I with 10 employees worked hard to help support our family and today we have over 1200 employees that are also able to take care of their own needs. With my immediate and extended families working by my side, we continue to evolve in the Global Business Market and Manohar Filaments is one of the few vertically integrated companies in India today in the trim and packaging industry.

Our vision of hard work, dedication and striving for excellence, is definitely putting this once upon a time small printing company onto the Global map and it makes me very proud to see that many of our business partners are some of the largest retailers in the world.

I invite you to come and visit and be part of the success that is Manohar Filaments.

Surinder Jain – Director of Sales and Marketing

It has been my privilege to work side by side with my brother in building this business. He is the machine man and I am the businessman. Between the two of us from one small printing machine and local businesses; we now have evolve to include not only local but also international business partners.

As Director of Sales and Marketing, it has been my goal to keep the pulse of the company beating and changing. The many talented team members we have added shows the immense growth and personalities we face in this Global Economy. It is my wish to continue Manohar Filaments collaborations with all our business partners who have supported us from the very beginning and with all the new international business that we have acquired.

Amit Jain – CEO

As CEO of Manohar Filaments, I am very proud to be part of my father's dream. I started in 1994 from the bottom, learning all the nuances of the trade. Being the owner's son, did not grant me any special privileges. I had to work extremely hard and learn the ropes of the trade to ensure that every aspect of this business was understood. My father's vision and his persistence to succeed has given me the ability to take our company to new heights.

Our philosophy at Manohar Filaments is that there are no challenges too great that we cannot solve for our business partners. It is this work ethic that keeps us evolving day to day. My commitment in providing quality speed to market excellence in customer service and competitiveness will take Manohar Filaments to become the number one supplier to our business partners. Our journey has just begun.

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